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How It All Works Exactly

New Year, new Roll Out! We are happy to announce a new program called ‘Elevated Integrator Training” that now allows any individual with a thirst for training on A/V product to accrue points for consuming our modules! Available 24/7, our online recorded section offers a user points for viewing video to daily visits. Besides convenient online trainings, we will offer live demos & seminars at our facility throughout the year. Here is the structure for gaining new points, active now on this site:

1. POINTS: Watching videos, clicking on our news posts, attending live events, even daily logins or a birthday – all these instances increase value in your points wallet – check out all the ways to earn instant points at My Points Summary, an area that displays your individual progress with us (Points hook table is also viewable down below).

2. FREE TRAINING: Receiving points is easy! Check out a few videos or complete a quiz. Although we do know a large number of points will be handed to dealers that attend our facility or webinar trainings, each one may vary due to time/content.

3. SEMI ANNUALLY we will distribute awesome gear to members with the biggest balance! For example, get racks, amps, projection screens, clickshares, speakers at no cost other than increasing your A/V knowledge by completing our professionally led training exercises.

What Momentum Does

1. Momentum provides a local training and follow up webinar training each month for our dealer base. The monthly training focuses on solving a common problem dealers face in the field and provides the tools to overcome it. Our trainings bring in Engineers, Sales Management, AIA or CTS Renewal Unit trainers for our dealers and consultants.

In addition to our own conceptual events, we promote vendor trainings by consolidating the opportunities in one calendar.

2. Momentum acquires excellent-condition product, donated to this training initiative program by vendors, to top point earners semiannually.

3. Our webstore (live now) allows users to view actual inventory of new gear that will be awarded or possibly traded for points. Check back often for updates as this rolls out and new high end products are added to our catalog for prizes.

What the Dealer Does

Only Momentum authorized dealers are approved members. Members are encouraged to register an account to view our recorded modules and have a relaxed, convenient time checking them out! We offer all kinds of product and sales training, usually enabling a adept dealer at solving the most common problems found in the field.

Accrue points with us for awhile, and watch your wallet grow! Twice per year we’ll open our webstore and award major products/systems to members with the highest points! For instance, potentially trade your points for a [INSERT YOUR PRODUCT HERE]! In 2017 dealers in our program purchased TV’s, blurays, toolbags, camp gear, bluetooth speakers (multiple of each) and cash for using their earned points as currency.

Product Catalog – Redeem Points!

We will add products throughout the year!

View your stats in My Points Summary

As a member you will get instant access to hundreds of training materials organized and delivered to help you train as an industry partner. You may access courses/unit completion progress and your point value at My Point Summary. Here you may access/view:

  • My Courses: Progress in each course so you can keep at it and know what units haven’t yet been touched. You may also download your certificate of completion from this screen.
  • My Points Summary: Breakdown of your current point balance, your ‘ranking’ in terms of other users’ point value compared to your point value, and your personalized ‘Refer a friend’ link, which is loaded with points you receive once the link is used by a newly registered member – the limit is 3 times per month!  Additionally, this screen allows you to enter a loaded coupon code to redeem for various point buckets, mostly given to you out the door at live (or web) events that require participation. Typically, these coupon codes are worth the most in one go.
  • My Profile: Update your basic info with Momentum and set up your communication preferences. Updating this info may be helpful if you float to another company within the industry, the points and courses will follow the person, not the company/email they had before.

Table of all Point-Gain Methods

All Point-Grabbing Methods:
This hook table reiterates the methods in which a member is awarded with Points:

Instance Amount Limit
Points for becoming a member 50 pt
Point / post / day 1 pt Maximum once per day
Points for logging in 1 pt Maximum once per day
Points for clicking on link 15 pt
Points for referring a visitor 30 pt No limit
Points for referring a new member – Thank you for the support! 30 pt Maximum once in total
Points for viewing video 1 pt
Happy Birthday! 100pt gift bucket 100 pt
Points for completing unit 1 pt
Points for completing a whole course! 25 pt
Points for attending a live or web event Varies

Members with browser cookies disabled may not be awarded points.

Members with browser cookies disabled may not be awarded points.

Points cannot be traded for monetary value.

A member user account is required (it’s free) in order to be awarded points.

Check with your Momentum Rep for any questions or inquire with with any questions/comments

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